EASYPLAN EP-UNI Handscreeding System

5 years warranty

The EP-UNI is an optimal hand-tool for an economical performance of smaller and medium-sized sites. It's quicker, easier and better.

Flanged at the sides, optionally available height-adjustable roller units take the height off existing kerbs, pavers or similar. This is possible not only with the basic element but also with the telescopic elements. No further rail gauges are necessary, thus granting additional time-saving!

Further information

  • Continuously adjustable telescopic elements.
  • With only one system you can screed different working widths easily and exactly. EP-UNI is adjustable to the required working width between.
  • With two telescopic elements the basic Alu-profile can be enlarged.
  • Including special key for fast mounting of the telescopic elements and the roller units.
  • No flexing with the strong Alu-profile, even at working-widths up to maximum 3 m!
  • Due to special design, the profile does not leave the screeding rail even when working with large quantities of screeding material.
  • The handle of EP 230/300 is adjustable to the required angle-positioning.
  • The special design of the handle enables the operator to use their bodyweight to exert pulling force in every position of the EP-profile.
  • With the EP 90/230 the screeding material can be carried and filled exactly into the gaps left by the screeding rails, for example water-pipes.
  • Handle removable for transport.

Scope of supply

EP-UNI-Set 90/230: 1 Alu-Profile each 900 mm and 1,600 mm, 1 handle, 1 pair of telescopic elements, 350 mm each.
EP-UNI-Set 230/300: 1 Alu-Profile 2,300 mm, 1 three-dimensional handle, 1 pair of telescopic elements, 350 mm each.

Technical details

Type Order no. Dead Weight (kg) Working Width (mm)
EP-UNI-Set 90/230 51000040 16 900-2300
EP-UNI-Set 230/300 51000041 15 2300-3000


Type Order no. Description Dead Weight (kg)
EP-UNI-RS 41000165 Set of Roller Units (can be added later) 4,8


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