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Transport‘s concrete and natural stone elements and bulk material

The narrow laying trolley moves large loads directly to the laying location quickly and without effort. Even to places where no other vehicle can go! Due to the narrow vehicle width of only 700 mm, the MULTIMOBIL MM can also get through normal doors and thus also into private gardens.

The two interchangeable bodies:

  • Interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom
  • Tiltable/interchangeable body

Thanks to the practical body change system, the bodies can be changed easily, quickly and without tools by one person.

Interchangeable body with mast and articulated boom

Transport and handling of concrete and natural stone elements

Flexible platform construction, with height-adjustable mast and articulated boom, which can be equipped with a wide range of attachment tools. (see accessories)

If required, the platform superstructure can be placed on supports so that the laying work can also be carried out without the chassis. The optional counterweight set MM-GS ensures the necessary stability. A second person can thus work in parallel with the chassis and the tilting / interchangeable body.

Tilting / interchangeable body MM-KA

Transport of bulk materials

Optionally available tipper body with hydraulically tipping trough, hydraulic actuated self-loading bucket, quick-change couplings
for the 4 hydraulic connections and 4 telescopic supports for parking the body.

Attachment tools and accessories

Attached to the electric wire rope hoist

(230 V, wired)

Combined with the vacuum generator VGE-230

Vacuum lifting unit HE-35 bis HE-150, operating unit BE-Sprint-2, ergonomic operating unit BE-ERGOSPRINT, hose cylinder extension SZV with corresponding suction plates

Two drive types: electric or conventional


Emission-free operation thanks to electric drive via rechargeable 48 V lithium-ion battery.


Drive via conventional Yanmar diesel engine

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Fast and flexible filling of pavement joints on small and medium sized areas. The joint material can be grouted either dry or with the addition of water.

The EF-H-Greenline works emission-free and quietly. The electric drive is a great advantage, especially when working in city centres or underground car parks.

Joint filling with electric forward drive

The battery not only drives the brush discs, but also generates a forward drive. This means that the unit does not have to be pushed with a lot of force, it just needs to be guided.

  • Rigid, resistant brushes for optimal joint filling.
  • Continuous height adjustment of the brushes.
  • Electric drive – lithium-ion battery.
  • Powered by rechargeable 82V lithium-ion battery (exchangeable battery concept), additional batteries optionally available. Charging time approx. 75 min.



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The power package for manual laying

Designed for landscape contractors and tilers, for quick and ergonomic lifting, moving and laying of absorbent concrete slabs, natural stones, tiles and other absorbent building materials.

ACCU-HANDY is placed on a slab or tile, switched on, and then sucks onto the surface without any downward pressure. The vacuum is released again by pressing another switch.

  • Considerably easier laying, as there is no need to grip on the side, especially for the last slab.
  • Less risk of edge damage, as laying is more precise and with a better view.
  • Powered by a rechargeable 14.8 V lithium-ion battery. (exchangeable battery concept)

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The handle makes the difference!

With the PPH-ERGO-HG, the proven professional plate lifters PPH from Probst can be used effortlessly while standing.

  • With the long PPH-ERGO-HG handle, tiles can be removed from the pallet and laid in an upright, back-friendly position.

  • The automatic changeover function allows the PPH slab lifter to be lifted without the slab being lifted again or the gripper jaws scraping across the slab surface. This is a great advantage, especially for high-quality finished terrace tiles!

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