Turning Device for Concrete Pipes UG

Supplied without connecting hoses to the fork lift truck.

Further information

  • Makes the handling of concrete pipes after production far more efficient.
  • Due to large surfaced pressure pads, little pressure is exerted onto the pipe, meaning that green products can be safely handled.
  • As the pipes are turned in a raised position, there is no danger of damaging the joints or the steel pallets.
  • The parallel movement of the gripping arms means little space is required between the pipes.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL (lbs) Dead Weight (lbs) Hydraulic Connection Pressure (psi) Diameter outside (in) Diameter Nominal Diameter (in)
UG-3.5 57300004 7716 1808 2611-3046 14,96-51,97 11,81-39,37
UG-4.5 57300025 9921 2646 2611-3046 15,75-62,20 11,81-47,24
UG-6.5 57300030 14330 4343 2611-3046 15,75-70,87 11,81-59,06

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