Turf Stone Laying Clamp RGV

Laying Clamp for Turf Stones, versatil due to exchangeable adaptors.

RGV-9/9 fits Turf Stones 60 x 40 cm, hole dim. 9 x 9 cm.
Installs 1 to 5 units at once.
Other adapters on request.

Further information

  • Automatic release for fully automatic switch-over from “full” to “empty“.
  • Lifting eye, handle, turnable by 90°.
  • Screwable adaptors – not compatible with TSV.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Description
RGV-9/953100372Complete unit, RGV+RGV-AS-9/9
RGV43101154Basic unit, without adaptors


TypeOrder no.Description
RGV-AS-9/943101153Adaptors for 9 x 9 cm

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