SPEEDY VS Vacuum Hand Laying Device

The powerful single phase powered vacuum turbine also allows the quick and safe handling of very porous material as well as material with exposed aggregate surface. With an integrated suction plate for up to 50 kg and quick change function. With this new hand laying tool all kinds of slabs can be layed quickly and above all, ergonomically.

Using the quick-change function, all new standard suction plates can be attached in seconds without tools.
Plug type F, 230 V.

Further information

  • Can, when combined with the corresponding suction plate and lifting eye VS-EH safely lift and lay elements weighing up to 200 kg.
  • Existing VS-SPS suction plates can be used via the optionally available VS-GH-SPS retrofit kit.
  • Handles can be rotated 90° by repositioning 2 bolts. This can be of an advantage when switching from crosswise to lengthwise laying of slabs or when the slabs are laid touching a wall.
  • Now with unlockable actuating lever for vacuum release. This double safety device secures the paving material against accidental release.
  • The working load limit with handles is 140 kg.
  • Quick positive suction action (0.5 sec).
  • Handles individually height adjustable. Important for users of different heights and for laying steps.
  • Two short handles (in lower position) make easier the taking-off from high stacks of slabs.
  • The handles can be folded down for easy transportation.
  • Light weight design.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Description
VS-140/20052700015incl. suction plate 50 kg
VS-140/200-XL52700016incl. suction plate 50 kg with long handle and lifting eye
VS-140/200-11052700019incl. suction plate 50 kg
VS-140/200-XL-11052700020incl. suction plate 50 kg with long handle and lifting eye


TypeOrder no.Description
VS-EH42710143Lifting eye with safety chain for VS-140 and VS-140/200
VS-140-XL-HG42710089Pair of long handles for VS-140 for slabs up to 1,2 m width

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