Shifting Adapter HVZ-VA-SUPERSOFT

With the new HVZ-VA-SUPERSOFT shifting adapters even „anti-shift pavers“ can be shifted easily and without damage.

Paving stone manufacturers are moving increasingly these days towards „anti-shift pavers“.
The spacers are thus enlarged in order to prevent the pavers from shifting when heavy vehicles drive over them.
This increases the difficulty of shifting the pavers into the running bond during mechanical installation. Simply increasing the displacement force causes damage in the pavers.
Operating principle: The individual rows of pavers are spread apart a few millimetres in a V-shape before they are actually shifted.
The pavers can then be shifted without damage; the spacers are undamaged and there is no damage on the pavers themselves.
The main gripping width subsequently compresses the individual rows again and grips the paving block layer. This takes place in one operation.
The shifting adaptor can be easily retro-fitted onto the C-profiles on the side gripping width of the hydraulic installation claws of the HVZ-ECO, HVZ-GENIUS, HVZ-GENIUS-II, HVZ-UNI and HVZ-UNI-II (with automatic programming on the VM-401).

Further information

  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

Type Order no. Weight Dead Weight (kg) Dimensions Stone/Element LxW (mm) Paver Layer RowsxStones/Row ()
HVZ-VA-SUPERSOFT-20/10-8x6 41400923 20 200x100 8x6
HVZ-VA-SUPERSOFT-24/16-5x5 41400924 16 240x160 5x5
HVZ-VA-SUPERSOFT-20/10-10x4-90° 41400951 30 200x100 10x4
HVZ-VA-SUPERSOFT-20/20-4x6 41401025 18 200x200 4x6


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