Rubber gripper GB2-Z with quick change system

Design and utilization as described as GB2, but in this case the rubber elements are secured to a Z-shape steel carrier.
The complete gripper is fixed to the body of the grab by means of 2 pins.

Further information

  • When different length of grippers are need­ed, they can be exchanged quickly by this quick change system.


GB2-0720-Z: 1 x rubber rail 50 x 35 mm (2 x 1½ inch). 1 x wedge-shaped rubber rail 60 x 40/34.
TypeOrder no.Description Length of Gripper (mm)
GB2-0720-Z47451010-0720 720
GB2-0780-Z47451010-0780 780
GB2-0850-Z47451010-0850 850
GB2-1000-Z47451010-1000 1000
GB2-1100-Z47451010-1100 1100
GB2-1200-Z47451010-1200 1200
GB2-1250-Z47451010-1250 1250
GB2-1300-Z47451010-1300 1300

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