POWERPLAN PP Screeding Machine

Standard Asphalt Paving Machines, (Finisher) are working with scratch conveyors and worm shafts to distribute the material. When screeding sand or chippings for the bedding of concrete pavers, this abrasive material is wearing away these components very fast, which is causing high maintenance costs. The Screeding Machine POWERPLAN PP was specially designed to screed such bedding material without major wear on the machine.

Whether subbase, base or gravel (up to grain size 0/63), split, whether sand or even bedding material, the POWERPLAN PP from Probst takes on installation of the relevant material in one go (up to installation height 20 cm) – at absolutely accurate height.
Depending on height profile and kind of control system used, it is possible to screed per day between 2.500 sqm (27,000 sqft) using sonic control or up to 10.000 sqm ( 107,500 sqft) using laser control feature.
4-cylinder diesel motor, 18.5 kW / 25.2 hp. Complies with EU emission regulations level V and TIER IV final (USA), no restriction in environmental zones, as engine power < 19 kW.
Hydraulic liftable front chute.
Sideways foldable chutes to avoid that material is spilling over the side of the hopper.
Two independently hydraulically operated lids at the bottom of the hopper to perfectly control the material flow.
Basic width of the screed board 2,050 mm (81“). By using one board extension on either side extendable to 2,400 mm (94“) or even 2,750 mm (108“).
On either side one smoothing board can be fixed to extend the full working width to 3,450 mm (136“).
Smooth-running adjustable cantilevers for holding the sonic sensors (sonic ski), complete scanning width up to 6,500 mm (256“). So a 6,000 mm (236“) wide road can be screeded scanning from kerb to kerb.
Compact transportation measurements H x B x L 1,900 x 2,050 x 3,400 mm (75“ x 81“ x 134“) can be transported on a car trailer.
Height control system optional via: 1. Sonic sensors (sonic ski). 2. Laser sensors. 3. Inclination sensors.

Further information

  • Quick filling of the hopper reservoir with a wheel loader shovel up to 2,500 mm (98”) wide, from the front or sideways.
  • Simple operation by well arranged instruments. Perfect visibility to relevant spots.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionType of Drive Diesel Engine (kW)Working Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Weight Total Weight (kg)Volume Hopper (m³)Driving Speed (km/h)Payload (kg)
PP51300011Screeding Machine18,52050-34503670252660002,52,1/4,33500
S/US-PP41300005Levelling Kit: 2 x regulator, 2 x ultrasonic sensor, cable set, case25,5
NS-PP41300007Slope Sensor, installed in the middle of the machine6,9


Diesel particle filter DPF: Protects employees from inhaling dust particles that are harmful to health. A DPF is recommended for use in underground car parks, halls or other buildings. Owing to the modular structure of the machine, even older models can be retrofitted with a diesel particulate filter. (Retrofitting possible only at Probst)
TypeOrder no.Description Weight Dead Weight (kg)
LS-PP41300006Laser Kit: 2 x laser receiver & case 7
LXS24290024Laser Set, consisting of: Leica Rugby CLI/CLX 900 (rotating biaxial horizontal laser), with charger, Li-ion battery, hardcase, binoculars, handheld receiver with integrated remote control and clamp holder
TL-LXS71150003Telescopic Leveling Post 3,1
ST-LXS71150002Tripod for Laser transmitter 40,9
FSD-PP41300004Foldeable and detachable sun/rain roof for the operator 70,9
Reversing alarm41300108for POWERPLAN PP
RKL-PP41300109Flashing Beacon 3,5
Diesel particle filter DPF41300192for POWERPLAN PP 40,6
LED-Light package PP413001154 additional LED work lights


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