Multiple Suction Plates MFS

Easy laying of up to 7 concrete blocks.

Attached to the lifting units up to HE-150, you can lay up to 7 concrete blocks safely and quickly with the Probst multiple suction plates MFS.

MFS-150-7-S-15Rd (rigid): Multiple suction plate (7 bellows) with various predefined hole spacings for mounting the bellows. It is also possible to lift only 5 or 6 bricks. Unused bellows can be plugged with an optionally available protective cover and sealing plate and mounted on top of the traverse for trouble-free operation.

MFS-150-7-V-15Rd (movable): Multiple suction plate (7 bellows) with distance adjustment. Especially when laying gutter stones, a distance between the individual stones is prescribed in accordance with DIN18318 (road construction work, paved surfaces and slabbed surfaces).
Therefore, with this MFS, a distance of 8 mm can be set between the individual stones in the raised state via a hand lever. For stone length 160 mm.

Further information

  • Height and angle compensation means that even rows of stones that are not completely level can be lifted.
  • Fast suction process.
  • Sealing bellows can be quickly replaced without tools.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL -420 mbar (kg) Weight Dead Weight (kg) Dimensions oval, LxB (mm) Number of Suction Plates (Pcs.) Shifting (mm)
MFS-85-6-S-15Rd 42101510 85 0000 150x150 6
MFS-150-7-S-15Rd 42101500 150 12 150x150 7
MFS-150-4-S-20Rd 42101535 150 12 200x200 4
MFS-150-5-V-15Rd 42101542 150 14 150x150 5 8
MFS-150-7-V-15Rd 42101501 150 15 150x150 7 8


Type Order no. Description Dimensions oval, LxB (mm) Weight Dead Weight (kg)
Protective cover 42101506 150x150
Sealing plate 33510026 145x145 0,1


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