BOBPLAN BP Pulling aid for the concrete subgrade

Prepare the concrete bed for kerbs quickly and easily. Ready for use in just a few steps.

The concrete subgrade is removed to a length of approx. 1.20 m for the kerbstones to be placed subsequently.
There are two folding handles for pushing the unit forward. This means that the BOBPLAN BP can be operated by only one person.
The concrete planer is guided on both sides by 3 adjustable guide rollers.

Further information

  • Can be folded into a compact transport position.
  • Convenient carrying handle (also for securing the folding up in the transport position).
  • No loose parts during transport.
  • Infinitely adjustable pull-off pusher.
  • With 3 guide rollers.

Technical details

Type Order no. Weight Dead Weight (kg) Inside Height (mm) Dimensions (mm) Length (mm) Working Width (mm)
BP 51000099 14,9 195-335 1532x277x146 1532/2760 270

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