Оборудование для кранов

Manhole Polyp SP-H

Grips from the inside for the transportation of manhole rings and cones. more

Loading Fork LG with Security Chain

With automatic center-of-gravity balance for lifting and transport by crane. The Automatic-Centre-of Gravitiy-Balance is effected through a spring-loaded slide. more

Block loading grab with a fixed height E AKZ-Bf

Low budget alternative to the standard, parallel squeeze block loading grabs.
Wide field of application for loading and unloading of most common block packs. more

Pallet Fork PGH-K

Comes with hydraulically operated centre-of gravity- balance, enabling the forks to tilt forward and backwards in the full and empty position. Also with rotator making it a purely one-man machine on even ground. more

Вилочный захват для паллет PGE-K

Захват для башенного крана без автоматического стабилизатора центра тяжести. more

Вилочный захват для паллет PGA-K

Захват для башенного крана с автоматическим стабилизатором центра тяжести. more

Block Loading Grabs – with a Fixed Height E AKZ unigrip

Specially designed for use with truck loading cranes. For the transportation of palletised and unpalletised packs of blocks. more

Block Loading Grabs – with Adjustable Height AKZ-H-UNIGRIP / AKZ-N-UNIGRIP / AKZ-S-UNIGRIP

This has the same design and characteristics like the AKZ-unigrip but comes with adjustable height for differing pack heights. more

Plasterboard Grabs GPZ

Specially designed for gripping and handling gypsum wall elements. more