Attachments for truck cranes

Block Loading Grabs – with Adjustable Height AKZ-H-UNIGRIP / AKZ-N-UNIGRIP / AKZ-S-UNIGRIP

Order-Number: 56100057, 56100062, 56100061

This has the same design and characteristics like the AKZ-unigrip but comes with adjustable height for differing pack heights.

This universal type of grab is suitable for the transport of building materials of all types and sizes.

By the adjustable height and the large opening width it can be used for all building materials on pallets and without pallets.

  • Height Adjustment with a choice of fixed or floating position.
  • A choice of various heights.
  • The vertical height adjustment bar is equiped with 4 drillings which are situated on different height levels, each shifted by 90°.

Locking the grab onto position (Locking Mechanism).

The desired height is set by means of the practical star handles. Once the grab has been raised, the height adjustment locks into position automatically when it has reached the required height.

Advantage: The grab can be squeezed in between tightlypacked blocks of goods.

The different levels are for the following heights:

  • level 1 (turning 0°)  1,100 mm (43”)
  • level 2 (turning 90°)  1,280 mm (50”)
  • level 3 (turning 180°)  1,470 mm (58”)
  • level 4 (turning 270°)  1,650 mm (65”)

Extending the legs to the required height (floating position).

The desired height is set by means of the star handles. Once the grab has been raised, the legs extend to the required measurements, once the grab is put back down, the legs revent to their lowest position.

Advantage: Once the goods have been unloaded, the grab height does not need to be adjusted manually to return to the optimal low resting height.

Time savings: The driver does not need to leave the cab to set down the grab.

  • Higher pressure – finely adjustable, for example to grip material which is sensitive against pressure.
  • Low overall height of equipment.

Standard Specifications:

  • Hydraulically and smoothly operable and works in parallel.
  • Robust gear rack balance for the absolute synchronous running of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Large low-maintenance polyamide sliding guides with 5-year guarantee.
  • Automatic pressure control.**
    **Working load limit of height-adjustable versions in retracted position will be increased as per positive working automatic pressure control up to the respective figure indicated in brackets.
  • Manually adjustable pressure-reducing valve.
  • Oil pressure gauge.
  • 4 hanging eyes for cables or straps/belts.
  • Light-weight construction in high-tensile steel.

AKZ-H-Unigrip [56100057]:

  • Opening Width* W mm (in): 370 (14½”) up to 1,370 (54”)
  • Grab Length ZL mm (in): 720 (28¼”)
  • Height E mm (in): at 1,100 (43”) / at 1,650 (65”)
  • Working Load Limit WLL* kg (Ibs): 1,900 (4,200) / 1,350 (3,000)
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 360 (790)

AKZ-N-Unigrip [56100062]:

  • Opening Width* W mm (in): 370 (14½”) up to 1,370 (54”)
  • Grab Length ZL mm (in): 720 (28¼”)
  • Height E mm (in): at 900 (35½”) / at 1,400 (55”)
  • Working Load Limit WLL* kg (Ibs): 2,200 (4,850) / 1,600 (3,550)
  • Eigengewicht (kg): 320 (710)

AKZ-S-Unigrip [56100061]:

  • Opening Width* W mm (in): 370 (14½”) up to 1,370 (54”)
  • Grab Length ZL mm (in): 720 (28¼”)
  • Height E mm (in): at 1,100 (43”) / at 1,650 (65”)
  • Working Load Limit WLL* kg (Ibs): 2,300 (5,100) / 1,900 (4,200)
  • Eigengewicht (kg): 380 (840)

Other opening widths, heights, grab lengths and working load limits are available on request.

*    The working load limit is dependent on: the surface quality of the goods to be lifted, the size of the individual stones, the pack size and the way, the goods are packed. For unstrapped packs of low, loose stones, e.g. paving stones, the working load limit does not apply!

**  The positive working pressure control, which is integrated serially, effects an increase of the working load limit when positioning the lowest possible insert height E (retracted position).

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