Attachments for truck cranes

Pallet Fork PGH-K

Order-Number: 56000010, 56000011, 56000025, 56000024

Comes with hydraulically operated centre-of gravity- balance, enabling the forks to tilt forward and backwards in the full and empty position. Also with rotator making it a purely one-man machine on even ground.

  • Equipped as standard with security chain, thus approved as per rule EN 13155 for transport of individual loads (such as plastic coated, palletized loads).
  • Approved for use with truck loading cranes for unloading packs of building material at constriction sites at near-ground areas without application of security chain.

Standard Specifications:

  • Standard flange plate to mount the rotator or quick-change-device.
  • Adjustable height from 1,050 – 1,650 mm (41 – 65”).
  • Adjustable fork width from 340 – 1,000 mm (131/2 – 39”) (external).
  • Forks have long taper for optimal engagement.
  • Length of forks 980 mm (381/2”).

Accessories for Pallet Forks

  • We recommend the Quick Change Device SWV (see page 6.5) for use with truck loading cranes with a hydraulic rotator. See page 5.1, for pallet forks being used on tower cranes, with additional safety features.