Special clamps

Stack Rotating Clamp WG-P

Turns packs of building hollow blocks by 180° so that the blocks do not have to be turned on site by hand (turning range 360°endless). more

Hydraulic Pallet Turning Device WT-P

Suitable to pick up and turn a complete pack on a pallet by 180°. more

Sorting Clamp ASZ/ASZ-R

This univeral outsorting clamp has a wide adjustable opening width and can be used for a wide range of products. more

Hydraulic clamp for handling of ceiling panels

Efficient handling of picked ceiling panel packs more

Stone Cutter SSP 300-500-20

To simplify the cutting process of concrete stones. Suitable for small series and tests with a max widths of 500mm and a disjoining pressure of 20tn. more

Pneumatic Sorting Clamp ASZ-P

This universal outsorting clamp offers a versatile use due to large adjustable opening width. Optimum for slabs, kerb stones and wall-rings for plants, etc. more

Mould Turning Device FW 1

Specially designed for maintenance and repairs of the high quality moulds for a concrete block machine. more

Setting-Up Device for Neois Barrier Elements

Hydraulic operated setting up device for noise barrier. more