Vacuum Technology

Jumbo Travelling Crane JWK

Order-Number: 52800012, 52800013

Complete ready-to-use unit comprising crane, ballast, electrics and vacuum turbine. Complete with socket.

  • The Jumbo Travelling Crane JWK combines all the advantages of the stationary vacuum hose lifter with the moveable Jumbomobil JM!
  • The machine can be moved easily by taking up with the fork prongs from a fork-lift truck for example.
  • Various lifting units and grippers can be attached to the Jumbo Travelling Crane JWK (see specifications).
  • Lifting unit, operating valve unit, grippers and special parts will suit any operation.

Standard Specifications:

  • Ballast container, made of steel sheet, approx. 1.0 x 0.8 x 1.8 m height (40” x 311/2” x 71”) should be filled with concrete, sand or steel scrap (approx. 1.45 m3, 1.9 cu yd). Thus ensuring the necessary stability.
  • Adjusting screws for alignment.
  • Light weight boom, 4,000/5,000 mm reach, height adjustable and with a displacement of about 270°.
  • Vacuum turbine VGE-SB-L-e-I with electric motor (electrical data see page 7.24) incl. pressure regulating valve DBV, motor protector switch and socket “CEKON” 32 A with integral phase switch, dust-filter with pre-separator and filter cartridge.
  • Supply-hose D = 60 mm, 7,000 mm long. With quick coupling 2 inch. For coupling to a corresponding lifting unit.

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