Pipes and Manholes – Building Material Plants, Inplant Handling

Setting Up Device for Manhole Rings AG

Makes the production of manhole rings more efficient and user-friendly, as the rings and cones are gripped and lifted and set up hydraulically. more

Double clamp for cones DAK-VA

When using the DAK-VA for handling 100 cones, the time saving is approx.. 2,5 hours! more

Small Pipe Turning Device FUG

Makes the handling of small pipes after production more efficient. more

Cone Insert Clamp KIG

Fully mechanical operation, thus making it universally suitable for cranes or fork lifts. more

Tilting Table KT

Using the Large Pipe RK, the concrete pipes up to 3 m in length are placed on the tilting table. more

Multiple Forks MFD

For picking up several concrete pipes at the same time. more

Gantry Crane Rotating Clamp for Concrete Pipes PWG-R

A special hydraulic clamp designed to lift and rotate large concrete pipes by 90°. more

Portalkran-Wendegreifer für Schachtringe und Bodenteile PWG-S

Hydraulischer Greifer, geeignet zum Greifen und Wenden von Beton-Schachtringen und -Bodenteilen um 180°. more

Manhole Ring Clamp RK

Fully mechanical operation, so it can be used with any lifting equipment. more

Manhole Ring Clamp RK

Fully mechanical operation, so it can be used with any lifting equipment. more

Ring- and Cone Clamp RKG

Hydraulically operated universal grab attachment for manhole rings and cones. more

Ring- and Cone Clamp RKZ-H

A hydraulic grab attachment for transporting up to 3 manhole rings with a height of 500 mm. more

Fork Lift Grab in Special Version STAZ

Hydraulic operated clamp for round and square cover plates as well as manhole rings with a max diameter of 3m. more

Additional Equipment UAV

Fitted onto the Setting Up Device AG or the Turning Device UG to allow the steel pallets to be accurately removed when clearing the manufacturing area e.g. to be placed into the magazine. more

Turning Device for Concrete Pipes UG

Makes the handling of concrete pipes after production far more efficient. more

Steel Pallet Grab UMG

For lifting stacks of steel pallets and loading them into the magazine of the manholemanufacturing machine. more

Rotating Clamp for Concrete Pipes WG-R

A novel method for rotation of several pipes in one operational sequence, regardless of accuracy of individual pipes interspace. more

Turning Device for Concrete Basers WG-S / WG-SS

Enables concrete products such as manholebasers to be turned around 180° after production (turning range 360° endless). more

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