Pavers and Blocks

Vertical Guide SRF

Order-Number: 57500008

Telescopic Guide for stationary equipment to lift the various devices (eg. pneumatic cubing clamp, rotating clamp or similar).

  • For fitting onto the available crane runway to be supplied site-wise. Work is made easier due to the electrical travelling
  • operation and the electric chain hoist, particularly when moving paving stone equipment. (Stock- and sand-blasting equipment) or when cubing concrete products by hand, using the appropriate device.

Standard Specifications:

  • Electric chain hoist (choice of lifting power), with 2 lifting speeds (electrical installation to be done by the customer).
  • Electric trolley with 2 speeds (electrical wiring done by the customer).
  • 2 bottom boom carriages (unpowered), positioned suspended crossways to the direction of travel (to ease the handling of the attached devices and to improve the exact positioning of these devices).
  • Control bulb for 4 functions, with electroflex cable.
  • Crane hook for lifting a piece of equipment (with manual turning device which stops itself after each 90°).
  • Large polyamide slides for the telescopic action.