Pavers and Blocks

Pneumatic Cubing Clamp ATZ-P

Available with 2 or 4 sided clamping, depending on the size and shape of the paving blocks. more

Pneumatic Rotating Clamp P-WG

For rotation by 90° or 180° of concrete products as for example slabs, side-angles, kerb stones. more

Vertical Guide SRF

Telescopic Guide for stationary equipment to lift the various devices (eg. pneumatic cubing clamp, rotating clamp or similar). more

Fork Lift Grab STAZ

Specially designed for heavy duty work with fork lift trucks. Light-weight, yet with a high carrying capacity more

Fork Lift Grab STAZ-KA

Both grippers moves synchronized towards the pack. Compact design due to integrated crane boom. more

Fork Lift Grab STAZ-P

Grips the pack by pressing it towards the gripper close to the forklift. This achieves smallest possible load center of the pack. more

Fork Lift Grab STAZ-S 4

Specially designed for the safe gripping of un-strapped and un-compressed stacks of multilayer production. more

Selective Layer Clamp STAZ-SLC

Specially designed to help select one or several layers of stones with a fork lift truck. more

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