Civil Engineering: Manhole and Pipe Laying

Gully Clamp SAZ-UNI

The small, light clamp for cumbersome and heavy concrete sections for road gullies. more

Manhole Ring Grab Automatic MRGA-80/250

The one-man device for quick, gentle and safe handling of concrete shaft rings (DIN 031 part 1). more

Push-on Jaws ABK for Fork Clamp

With the push-on jaws ABK your fork squeezer grips manhole elements gentle and safe. more

Round Grab RG

Due to the ultra slim design the grab can be used in very slender trenches. more

Round Grab RG

Specially for laying sewer pipes. more

Round Grab RG-75/125-SAFELOCK

Mechanical pipe grab with safety catch. The clamping force of the claws is maintained fully in all cases, even if the carrier is operated incorrectly. more

Pipe Laying Hook RLH

Ensures greater safety and saves time when laying pipes. more

Pipe Laying Hook RLH-A

With automatic center-of-gravity balance and adjustable stop buffer. more

Concrete Pipe Lifter RVD-4-ECO

50% Time Savings in Pipe Handling by 1 man operation more

Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter SDH-H

Heavy duty professional device. Universally suitable to lift and move away all common sizes of covers. more

Manhole Cover Lifter SDH-LIGHT

Small and light mechanical manhole cover lifter for lifting manhole covers up to diameter Ø 800 mm. more

Manhole Cover Lifter SDH-M-10

The mechanical manhole cover lifter releases even seized manhole covers very easily and with little force. more

Laying Hook for Gullies SHS

It's as simple as that - for effortless installation of bulky and heavy bottom parts and cones for gullies: no need to purchase costly special clamps, just use the ingenious laying hook SHS. more

Manhole and Cone Chain Clamp SRG

For transporting manhole rings and cones. more

Manhole Frame Clamp SRZ-KOMBI

A clamp for frame and cover! Easy and safe transport and installation of manhole covers in accordance with EN 124/DIN 1229. more

Manhole Frame Clamp SRZ-M

Special clamp for safe and healthy pick-up and installation of manhole frames and concrete support rings. more

Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-ECO

Gripping and moving manhole elements securely! The new Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-ECO is the light-weight and budget-priced „little sister“ of the universal Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-UNI. more

Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-ECO-L

Compact and extremely robust manhole installation clamp for manhole rings with a nominal diameter of 700, 800, 900, 1,000, 1,050 or 1.,200 mm and cones (cover opening 625 mm). more

Manhole and Cone Installation Clamp SVZ-UNI / SVZ-UNI-VARIO

This universal manhole and cone clamp SVZ-uni enormously rationalizes transport and installation of manhole elements. more