Laying of landscaping elements

Universal Handles BVZ

A large adjustable opening range means the BVZ can be universally used for all gardeningand landscaping-design products. more

Kerb Stone Handles BZ

For the handling of kerb stones, edging stones, gutters and similar. Also for natural kerb stones. more

EASYGRIP EXG / EXG-MAXI Border Stone Handle

Small, lightweight, easy to handle but nonetheless ultra-strong! more

Hollow Slope Block Handles FSZ/FSZ-M

Especially suitable for the handling of hollow slope blocks and similar elements which can be lifted by hand. more

Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ I/BB/UNI/MAXI

Suitable for handling concrete components, prefabricated concrete wall units, steps, kerb stones, natural stones etc. more

Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ-MULTI / FTZ-MULTI-15-D

Innovative, mechanical grab. Appropriate clamp configurations for versatile applications from a modular construction system. more

Hydraulic Boulder Grab FVZ-H

Hydraulic boulder Grab FVZ‑H suitable for attaching to a excavator, truck crane, etc. more

Mechanical Bolder Grab FVZ-UNI

Suitable for handling bolders. Stones of almost all shapes can be lifted and laid to the exact millimetre. more

Flat Grab FZ

FZ for transport of slabs. more

Manual Bolder Grab H-FVZ-uni

A manual bolder grab for smaller bolders which can be carried by two men. more

Cable Channel Clamp KKV 200

For cable channels II-IF, III-IF, IIIa-IF, IV-IF. Fully mechanical grip which means it can be used at any carrier. more

Cable Channel Clamp KKV 8/14

Fully mechanical operated, with handles and lifting eye. more

Kerb Slab Lifter KSH

For transporting lawn edging stones, slabs, etc. more

Mechanical Slab Grab MPG

Especially suitable for the transport of paving slabs and kerb stones due to a low inside height. more

Column Grab MPVZ-V

For use with a carrier and especially suitable for lifting concrete and wooden columns from a horizontal to a vertical position for installation. Clamping is independent of the length. more

Column Handles PVZ

Especially suitable for the carrying and laying of round and rectangular concrete or wooden columns. Diameter: 180 – 200 mm. more

Turf Stone Laying Clamp RGV

The Turf Stone Laying Clamp RGV installs 1 to 5 units at once. The clamp fi ts to turf stones 60 x 40 cm, hole dim. 9 x 9 cm but by changing the adaptors, it is also usable for different grid measurements. more

Laying Clamp for retaining wall units RWC

Several retaining walls can be picked up and laid at the same time by this universal clamp. more

Stone Pillar Grab SLS 8/20-G-VA

This mechanical grab picks up safely the reclined stone pillars and columns and lift them up for installation in vertical position. more

Special Grab for Installation of Acoustical Absorption Elements

Due to their professional expert knowledge of nearly 50 years Probst is in a position to design and develop customized products at short notice matching exactly the requirements specification, wherever the mos universally designet standard equipment… more

TWISTGRIP TG Kerb and Strip Stone Handle

*** New *** New ***

The TWISTGRIP TG series:
Powerful grip with a simple turn of the handle more

Concrete Step Handles TSV

Universal handles due to a large adjustable opening range. Suitable for steps, kerbs, L-stones, etc. more

Concrete Step Handles TSZ

Suitable for handling steps, kerb stones, L-stones, etc. in conjunction with a lifting device. more

Laying Clamp VZ

Especially suitable for handling concrete kerb stones. more

Kerb Stone Clamp VZ-M-UNI

Fully mechanical operation for use with any wheel loader, excavator or other carriers. more

Grab for Angular Concrete Products WEZ

Specially developped for handling L-stones and similar products. more