Mechanical and Hydraulic Clamps – Laying of kerb stones and slabs

TWISTGRIP TG Kerb and Strip Stone Handle

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The TWISTGRIP TG series:
Powerful grip with a simple turn of the handle more

EASYGRIP EXG / EXG-MAXI Border Stone Handle

Small, lightweight, easy to handle but nonetheless ultra-strong! more

Concrete Step Handles TSV

Universal handles due to a large adjustable opening range. Suitable for steps, kerbs, L-stones, etc. more

Turf Stone Laying Clamp RGV

The Turf Stone Laying Clamp RGV installs 1 to 5 units at once. The clamp fi ts to turf stones 60 x 40 cm, hole dim. 9 x 9 cm but by changing the adaptors, it is also usable for different grid measurements. more

Laying Clamp VZ

Especially suitable for handling concrete kerb stones. more

Universal Handles BVZ

A large adjustable opening range means the BVZ can be universally used for all gardeningand landscaping-design products. more

Kerb Stone Handles BZ

For the handling of kerb stones, edging stones, gutters and similar. Also for natural kerb stones. more

Professional-Slab Handle PPH

For laying concrete and natural stone slabs. more

Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ I/BB/UNI/MAXI

Suitable for handling concrete components, prefabricated concrete wall units, steps, kerb stones, natural stones etc. more

Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ-MULTI / FTZ-MULTI-15-D

Innovative, mechanical grab. Appropriate clamp configurations for versatile applications from a modular construction system. more

Concrete Step Handles TSZ

Suitable for handling steps, kerb stones, L-stones, etc. in conjunction with a lifting device. more

Turf Stone Handles RVH

Used in pairs and designed specially for laying turf stones. more

Kerb Stone Clamp VZ-M-UNI

Fully mechanical operation for use with any wheel loader, excavator or other carriers. more

Kerb Slab Lifter KSH

For transporting lawn edging stones, slabs, etc. more