Hose Lifters – Laying of kerb stones and slabs

UNIPOSE UP-1204 Vacuum Kerb Stone Laying Loader

Order-Number: 52210003, 52210004

Installation machine and wheel loader at the same time! The vacuum kerb stone laying loader Unipose enormously streamlines the installation of kerb stones, prefabricated building elements, slabs, etc.

  • The high working and operational safety guarantees trouble-free and fast flow of work. The operators‘ back, knees, fingers and hands are protected.
  • The machine is extremely compact and thus can be used on narrow construction sites as well.
  • To avoid a time-consuming locking of both mast joints when driving the loader, both mast joints can be blocked in any position at the push of a button. This contributes for a large improvement in safety, since the boom cannot drift away in an uncontrolled manner.
  • The UNIPOSE UP-1204 can be changed over from load arm to bucket operation.
  • Standard version of UNIPOSE UP-1204 is equipped with pallet forks, vacuum lifting unit (carrying capacity up to 150 kg), operating valve unit and a suction plate.
  • Compared to the previous model UNIPOSE UP-604 the UNIPOSE UP-1204 is about 1200 kg lighter due to reduction of its total weight and thus can be transported more easily. Operation is more comfortable due to joystick steering of the mast control.


  • Due to the attendance on the market for several decades, Probst is the only supplier who has access to more than 1000 different suction plates, which have been manufactured and successfully used in the past (special information on request).
  • Granitbordstein Verlegung in Épinal/Frankreich