Hose Lifters – Laying of kerb stones and slabs

JUMBO-BV-VARIO Vacuum Kerb Stone Installation Machine

This BV type with knuckle boom jib is equiped with innovative Probst safety features, thus hightest safety in the slewing range! more

UNIPOSE UP-1204 Vacuum Kerb Stone Laying Loader

Installation machine and wheel loader at the same time! The vacuum kerb stone laying loader Unipose enormously streamlines the installation of kerb stones, prefabricated building elements, slabs, etc. more

Multiple Suction Plates MSP

A modular design system, working with mainly standised elements. more

TRANSMOBIL TM Installation Carrier

A compact universal machine - transport and handling of palletized building material and vacuum installation all in one. more

Bag and Sack Gripper SXG

Safe and convenient transport of sand, granulate and concrete bulk bags. Bag grippers are specific suction plates for order-picking and transport of bags. more

JUMBOMOBIL JM-VARIO Vacuum Slab Laying Machine

The classic, successful design, on the market for over 20 years! more