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Order-Number: 51800062

The brilliantly simple and flexible line holder for all setup work performed with a plumb line.

The STRING ALONG SA is simply placed over the ground pin (max. diameter 25 mm) and fixed on the ground pin at the desired height using thewing nut. The line can now be looped around the line holder at any time and settled firmly into the teeth in the two grooves of the SA.

If required, the line can therefore also be removed again at any time without losing the height setting as a result.Generally the SA can be used for all kind of layouts where string lines are used, especially beneficial if the string line has to be taken away temporarily and repositioned afterwards at the same position.

  • Gripping teeth hold the string line safely under tension at any time.
  • Errors are avoided!
  • No more string line knots, or confusingmarks on the pins.

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