Paver laying and transportation

Installation Machine VM-301-GREENLINE

The world’s first fully electric installation machine

Probst breaks new ground in the field of slab and paver laying systems – with the new GREENLINE concept. It focuses on stepping up energy effciency and strives for a sustainable environment.

Probst presents the world’s first fully electric VM-301-GREENLINE Installation Machine that runs on an innovative rechargeable battery technology. It performs just like a conventional one running on diesel and can already be used on a construction site for up to seven hours on one single charge.

You can pave cleverly, effciently and ergonomically while contributing to environmental protection – “smart and green”.

The new dimension in mechanical paving – emission-free and low-noise

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Emission-free and low-noise operation
  • Very low vibrations
  • Very efficient use of energy thanks to the refined electric motors
  • Display with indicator for battery level, driving speed, operating hours, etc.

The innovation by the worldwide market leader of handling and laying systems

  • All machine functions are powered by maintenance-free asynchronous motors
  • Up to 8 kW drive power transmitted to the drive gears by a differential axle
  • Hydraulic unit with up to 5kW of power to supply the work hydraulic system
  • Automatic electric parking brake on the front axle
  • New operating concept by means of two electronic joysticks
  • Electro-hydraulic steering with joystick control
  • Battery technology: Basic version: 2 lithium ion rechargeable batteries at 48 V, 105 Ah. Optional: A third rechargeable battery for 50 % more battery life
  • Total: 210 Ah / 10.1 KWh (315 Ah / 15.1 KWh)
  • Recharging technology: 2 on-board chargers, each 48 V, 50 A Charging time (battery power at 0 %) on a 230 V power supply: approx. 7 h Charging time (battery power at 0%) on a 400 V power supply: approx. 3.5 h
  • Max. battery life up to 7 hours of paving operation (without electrical consumers such as heating, fan, lights, radio ...)
  • With intermediate charging (e.g. 1 h during lunch break) up to 9 h of paving operation