Tile handling


Order-Number: 58500007

The new mains-independent Hand Laying Device

  • Designed to help landscapers and tile layers lift, move and lay natural stones, slabs and tiles without straining their back
  • Significantly easier laying of tiles and slabs, as they do not need to be grasped from the side
  • Less risk of edge damage, as laying is more precise and with a better view
  • Easy and compact
  • Powered by a 14 V lithium ion rechargeable battery. (exchangeable battery concept)

Scope of delivery: 1 x single-handed suction plate with handle, 2 x rechargeable batteries, 1 x charger. In a robust case.

Basic device incl. 2 x rechargeable batteries and a 220 V charger

Suction Plate dimension mm (in):
255 x 120 (10 in x 4¾")

Working Load Limit WLL kg (Ibs):
horizontal: 50 (110)
vertical: 15 (33)

Dead Weight kg (Ibs):
approx. 1.5 (3)