Handheld Devices – Laying of kerb stones and slabs

Vacuum-Handy VH

Order-Number: 52600009

This is a cheap solution to install non porous slabs using vacuum.

The vacuum suction force is produced by only pressing the device down onto the surface of the slab. Afterwards the slab can be lifted by hand.To release the slab, just a finger tip is necessary to open a simple valve.

Attention: Can only be used on non porous materials nearby the ground level. Device must never be set down onto edges, as this can damage the seal. Either set it down to an even surface or lay it down sideways for storage.


  • Suction Plate dimension ∅mm (in): 280 (11'')
  • Carrying Capacity kg (lbs): 25 (55)
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 5 (10)

Vacuum-Handy VH-1/25

  • One-man operation for lightweight slabs and short transportation distance.
  • Accurate and quick installation with no gap in-between slabs.
  • Reduced suitability for two-men operation.
  • Ergonomically good working position for installation.
  • Also already layed slabs can be picked up again.
  • Robust seal ring, can be exchanged within seconds without glueing.
  • By purchasing of an additional two-men handle HG-VH2 the VH 1/25 can be used for two-men operation.

Vacuum-Handy VH-2/50

  • As VH 1/25, but equipped with screw-on type two-men handle instead of the one-men handle.
  • Especially suitable for more heavy loads and for transportation at longer distances by two men.

Durable surface protection by galvanizing

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