Handheld Devices – Laying of kerb stones and slabs


Nr katalogowy: 42740017, 52700015, 52700017, 52500243, 42720238, 52500242, 42720259

The UNIMOBIL UM-VS-140 is the perfect vacuum laying system for porous slabs and stone.

UNIMOBIL UM-VS Laying Dolly - Basic Version

Basic version (without suction plate) equipped with SPEEDY VS-140/200 electrical operation 230 V or 110 V.

Advantage: Gentle and close positioning of slabs possible. Re-pick up possible. Also suitable for very porous stones.

  • It is equipped with a 90° turnable suspension for the perfect positioning of the slabs.
  • Including additional handle on the suction plate for better positioning of the laying material.
  • Relesing of the suction force very simple by pulling a lever.
  • Quick adjustment of the arm in 3 different positions.

Please note: Laying dolly has to be connected via electrical cable with the electrical network of 230 V or 110 V.

Accessories: Suction Plates (SPS)
For different applications suitable qsuction plates are available (see chart).

UNIMOBIL UM-VS/SE Laying Dolly - Complete Version
Same specifications as UM-VS, however with integrated generator totally independent from the mains.

Please note: Suction plate have to be ordered separately. See Chart.

UM-VS-140/200 (230)

  • Load Pick-up: Vacuum
  • Power: 230 V, 50 HZ
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 64 (140)

UM-VS-140/200 (110)

  • Load Pick-up: Vacuum
  • Power: 110 V, 50/60 HZ
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 64 (140)

UM-VS-140/200/SE-H (230)

  • Load Pick-up: Vacuum
  • Power: 230 V, 50 HZ
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 84 (185)

UM-VS-140/200/SE-K (230)

  • Load Pick-up: Vacuum
  • Power: 230 V, 50 HZ
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 82,5 (181)

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