Screeding Rails AZL / AZL-S

for Screeding Systems TAK and TAS-UNI

Special aluminium profile (60 x 60 mm), achieving highest strength and low dead weight. more

Screeding Rain Kit AZL-EP for Handscreeding System EASYPLAN EP-UNI

Through integrated plug-in connections it is very easy to join these lightweight screeding rails together. more

EASYPLAN EP-UNI The smart handscreeding system

The EP-UNI is an optimal hand-tool for an economical performance of smaller and mediumsized sites. With this device you do it quicker, easier and better. more

LEVELFIX LF Manual Screeding System

The new building block in the PROBST programme of handscreeding systems.

The universal manual screeding system LEVELFIX LF – move a large amount of material easily in a short time, on large wheels more

LEVELKING LK Screeding Attachment

Screeding quick and easy with the LEVELKING LK Screeding Attachment! As against conventional screeding blades the LEVELKING work with an integrated smoothening board. With this function it is possible to screed not only the subbase, rather the top… more


Simple screeding tool to achieve a clean connection to already laid pavers or kerbs. more

MINIPLAN MP sliding finisher

This lightweight, handy and smart tool allows effective finishing work on screeded areas. Especially suitable to clean up sreed rail marks. more

POWERPLAN PP Screeding Machine

Standard Aspalt Paving Machines, (Finisher) are working with scratch converyors and worm shafts to distribute the material. Wen screeding sand or schipping for the bedding of concrete-pavers, this abrasive material is wearing away these components… more

Telescopic Screeding Bucket TAK

Universally suitable for precise preparation of the laying course. Specially designed for mechanical operation. more

Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

Universally suitable for precise and flexible screeding of laying courses on both, large and small sites. more

TELEPLAN TP handscreeding system

For generations, screed bars to prepare the bedding material for pavers, have been somehow rectangular shaped. more

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