Successful succession planning at EMI Matériel

10. December 2015

Probst GmbH takes over the French construction equipment dealer.

Jean Marie Schuster, CEO and owner of EMI Matériel, will retire as of 31.12.2015 and has sold all shares of the company to Probst GmbH. EMI Matériel will continue operating under the name Probst SAS. All members of the staff are kept on. As a result, for customers contact persons and company services such as consulting, sales and customer service remain the same.

EMI Matériel has been operating successfully for Probst in France as an exclusive distribution partner for 20 years and popularized the brand in the French construction equipment sector.

The takeover comes with significant benefits for both companies: EMI Matériel profits from the international presence, the technical know-how and the technological expertise of Probst GmbH while Probst GmbH is able to access a customer network built over decades and employees with far reaching expertise concerning Probst products and the French construction industry.

Jean Marie Schuster, CEO and owner of EMI Matériel: “To find an early and stable succession plan for my company and its employees was of great importance to me. I was very interested in finding a solution which ensures good consulting and competent service for my customers. With the takeover of EMI Materiél by the producer and developer of all of our products – Probst GmbH – all these items are guaranteed. I am very happy with this optimal solution in the interest of my customers, distribution partners and naturally also my employees.”

Probst SAS is already the second branch of Probst GmbH. In England as well 30 years ago a branch was successfully established. “Globally we work with a well-functioning network of dealers. The chances of establishing a branch in France by taking over a successful, established company which has been specialized on our products for decades is a stroke of luck which we naturally must take advantage of. Due to the close cooperation we know the customers, employees and company structures for many years and can build on a functioning system and, using our know-how, set the pace going forward.” said the sales manager of Probst GmbH and future Managing Director of SAS Holger Probst Merholz.