Screeding with a wheel loader? No problem!

10. March 2014

Just mount the screeding attachment and go

Screeding with rail-mounted levelling systems costs a lot of time and energy. In comparison, levelling with a machine with fully automatic height adjustment allows for much faster installation and greater precision. Screeding blades which are mounted directly on the existing wheel loader, skid steer or telescopic loader are a cost-effective method of machine screeding - especially for small and medium-sized paving companies.

The LEVELKING LK Screeding Attachment by Probst, for example, can be attached directly to all conventional fork mounts and profiles via a universal flange plate with integrated floating position. The special advantage: Since the "float position" function is integrated already, the carrier machine itself doesn't have to be equipped with this essential screeding function. The combination of integrated float position and integrated smoothing board completely eliminates the transfer of loader movements to the screeding attachment, allowing for extremely fast and precise operation. Even skid steer loaders with short wheelbases - which pitch and role a lot on uneven surfaces - produce outstanding surfaces with the LEVELKING.

FH Pflasterbau from Wört (Baden-Württemberg) has already subjected a range of screeding attachments to extensive practical tests. The Director German Hauber was particularly impressed with the performance of the LEVELKING: "The LEVELKING distinguished itself through precise results and ease of use. Thanks to the shovel form, the screeding machine can also be used to pick up and transport the material directly, avoiding the need for an additional loader to transport the material. It allows me to screed an area of up to 2,000 m² (21.500 ft²) per day".

Among other places, FH Pflasterbau used the LEVELKING on a 1,200 m² (13.000 ft²) work yard in Wilburgstetten (Bavaria). The surface was paved by laying interlocking pavers on a moraine split grade. Unlike conventional screeding machines, the LEVELKING LK works with an integrated smoothing board. With this function, it is possible to screed not only the subbase but also the top bedding for paver laying precisely and quickly with fully automated controls. Structures like storm drains which get in the way of screeding are easily left exposed by hydraulic adjustment of the side wings via the controller joystick.

The standard screeding machine is equipped with the full control system including two laser sensors and a dual-axis inclination sensor. The controls can be connected in the cab within 2 minutes and powered by the cigarette lighter outlet. All system components: Laser, cross slope and also optional ultrasound can be freely combined according to the conditions on the construction site.

Another practical tool is available to simplify use of the ultrasonic control system: To compensate for driving inaccuracies, the screeding attachment can be upgraded with the optional tri-sonic ultrasonic sensor MUS-1300. This sensor can be attached on the left or right side. It fully automatically controls the height and the respective hydraulically pivoting side wings, thereby keeping the ultrasonic sensor above the reference position (line or edge).