Probst donates 8,000 Euros and announces the winners of the air balloon contest

23. December 2011

It is customary at Probst to offer credible support to others, and a company anniversary doesn’t change that. On the contrary: The opportunity was taken at the winners’ ceremony of the balloon competition to present a number of cheques too.

October witnessed a balloon competition to coincide with the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company’s founding. And the results are in: “Since the weather was so good, the balloons didn’t fly all that far away," says General Manager, Thomas Probst, with a wink and a smile.

Nonetheless, the winning balloon still made it an impressive 62 kilometres. It was found in Stutensee near Karlsruhe. The victor won tickets to the Trippsdrill Leisure Park, with eight other winners also receiving tickets to other recreational parks. Second place received a family ticket for “Wilhelma”, Stuttgart’s zoological botanical garden, which he wants to donate to a family that can’t afford to visit the zoo.

Thomas Probst didn’t just hand out prizes to the winners of the competition; a number of representatives from various institutions were the happy recipients of donations totalling 8,000 Euro. Here, three Erdmannhausen kindergartens, the Astrid-Lindgren School and the local library also received donations. So too did the Kuja Association, the Uhlandschule in Marbach and the Förderverein Kinderheim (children’s home development association) in Zsobok. Furthermore, financial support also went to a nursery in Thuringia, a welfare and social work in Stetten and Doctors Without Borders.