Probst Building Machines Mastering the Challenges in Australia

13. August 2012

The order situation of the Australian construction industry has improved considerably. Till 2013 significant growth is predicted to most of the segments. Foreign companies can benefit from this boom, the Australien market is regarded as being principally open towards them. For example German building machines are very popular in Australia: A Class Pavers - one of Australia’s largest civil & commercial paving contractors – relies on the machines of the world market leader for handling and laying systems, Probst GmbH from Erdmannhausen.

A Class Pavers was the first company in Western Australia to professionally install brick paving using the PROBST paving machines and was able to cut installation times on large projects by months and reduced costs significantly.

A company site of one of the world‘s largest building machine companies was paved by A Class Pavers in 2012. Within 6 months about 82.000 m² (882.640 ft²) were paved for this major project in Newcastle, Tomago with Uni Pavers in a 90° herring bone pattern. The special challenge of this project was, that the paving stones must withstand pressure and strain from heavy building machines rolling over them every day. They shouldn‘t take any damage from that. A Class Pavers uses for that project the Screeding Machine POWER PLAN PP and the Paver Installation Machine VM 401 from Probst GmbH. Due to the high expectations in terms of quality and safety at Probst, the high Australien terms of safety were fulfilled easiely.

When laying paving stones in Australia special guidelines have to be considered. A high level of incident solar radiation and relatively small amounts of precipitation making Australia to the driest continent on earth after the Antarctic . Due to the water scarcity requirements say, water has to be collected. That‘s why the coal tar in Tomago  was put on the prepared ground with a falling gradient. This way the rainwater can be catched and collected. 

A one inch high layer of sand compensates for the slope and stabilizes, before the paving stones can be laid. While in Germany majorly crushed gravel is used for preparing the bedding layer with the POWERPLAN PP, in Australia sand is prefered. The Screeding Machine is also able to work with sand. Standard Asphalt Paving Machines are working with scratch conveyors and worm shafts to distribute the material. When screeding sand this abrasive material is wearing away these components very fast, which is causing high maintenance costs. The Screeding Machine POWER PLAN PP was specially designed to screed such bedding material without major wear on the machine. Enormous daily rates are achievable. Well arranged instruments making operation simple and a perfect visibility. High control system operates optionally by sonic sensors, laser sensors or inclination sensors.

After preparing the sand surface with the POWERPLAN PP on the construction site the Paver Installation Machine VM 401 comes into operation. It combines innovative technology with modern conveniences. A powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine offers sufficient output reserve and the spacious driver‘s cabin promises high driving comfort. Offering a compact design and double articulated steering, the VM Paver Installation Machine provides excellent maneuverability in confined spaces. Operators appreciate the high visibility to both, the laying edge and what‘s behind them, ensuring safety and quality work. The chassis of the laying machine has got a double center steering. Even driving narrow curves on freshly laid paver surface, pavers do not shift. The wheels do not twist the pavers, but roll on them.