Large Machinery Department Moved

01. November 2011

The time has come: The Large Machinery department has moved to the basement floor of the new production hall. Here, over almost 1000 square meters, is where the final assembly of all motor-powered large machinery happens. This includes the vacuum installation carrier TRANS MOBIL TM, the vacuum kerb stone laying loader UNIPOSE, the installation machines VM 203 and VM 401 as well as all hydraulic installation clamps like HVZ-uni or HVZ GENIUS and all motor-powered devices like the vacuum lifting device SH 2500 uni b TURBO or EASY CLEAN EC 60, etc.

Rational work flows, logistically optimised processes, cost reduction at the highest quality and a conservative attitude when it comes to limited resources: these are the principles around which modern work flows are organised today.
Employee welfare was also factored in: The workplaces in the manufacturing areas have a wooden paving design; this corresponds to the most recent ergonomic requirements and offers natural protection against the cold.