Changes to the Probst brand identity

16. November 2015

We follow the motto "Probst gets things moving". Even tried and true solutions are reviewed for potential improvements time and again. Naturally, this dynamic approach also applies to the company's brand identity. Due to the growing international presence of Probst, aligning the company name, domain and logo correspondingly is the next logical step.

"Probst Greiftechnik Verlegesysteme GmbH" is changing to "Probst GmbH"
The words "Greiftechnik Verlegesysteme" will be eliminated from the company name effective at the turn of the 2015/2016 year, leaving the short and concise name "Probst GmbH" which will be much easier to pronounce for the international customers.

A website move and logo update are also part of the new brand identity
The future international domain is: By switching from to the new .com extension, the company has selected the world's most common and best established domain extension. 

The individual country pages will use the respective country code as the domain extension. The German Probst website will be found at and the French site at, for example.

Matching the new domain name, the word "handling" is now found in the logo as well. The longstanding claim "the better solution" is being replaced with "handling equipment", in order to make the company's product range more readily apparent to the customers.