Handheld Devices – Laying of kerb stones and slabs

Vacuum Slab Layer MICROJUMBO MJ

With these devices, all kind of manual laying and handling of slabs can be done in conjunction with the Vacuum Lifting Device SH or the Vacuum Pump Unit VPE. more


In order to check the suitability of Vacuum Handling Devices, the POROMETER was designed by the Probst engineers. It facilitates metering the air permeability of concrete products. more

UNIMOBIL UM-SM laying dolly - basic version

The UNI MOBIL UM-SM is the perfect vacuum laying system for slightly porous slabs and stone. more


The UNIMOBIL UM-VS-140 is the perfect vacuum laying system for porous slabs and stone. more

Vacuum-Handy VH

This is a cheap solution to install non porous slabs using vacuum. more

Vacuum Pump Unit VPE for Vacuum Slab Layer MICROJUMBO MJ

This Vacuum pump unit was specially designed for operating the vacuum slab layer MICROJUMBO MJ system. more


Flexible and powerful hand operated laying device for dense products, such as granite or high quality concrete elements up to 150 kg weight. more

Accessory: wheel set VPH-RS

Retrofit with wheel set VPH-RS can be done at any time more

SPEEDY VS-140/200 Vacuum Hand Laying Device

New with an integrated suction plate for up to 50 kg.

When connected to a standard power outlet, the powerful vacuum turbine securely and quickly (within 0.5 seconds) adheres to even highly porous slabs and exposed aggregate surfaces. more

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