Tile handling


Número de Orden: 52600015, 42600162

Efficient and accurate installation of small-sized and lightweight slabs. For Attachment to QJ, PJ and SPEEDY.

Efficient and accurate installation of small-sized and lightweight slabs – this is the optimum application enhancement for the vacuum devices QUICKJET QJ-600-E, POWERJET PJ-1650 and SPEEDY VS-140/200.

  • Ideal for connecting to standard industrial vacuum cleaners*, also for laying tiles and natural stone slabs.
  • Low dead weight from approx. 4 kg, as made of aluminium.
  • The MJ-J can be connected in a flash with the (5 m long) vacuum hose supplied. 2 connecting cones are enclosed for connection to industrial vacuum cleaners.
  • By purchasing an additional MJ-J-HG twoman carrying handle, the MJ-J can also be used as a two-man device.
  • With the optionally available MJ-JSPS- 50-44/24 suction plate, the working load limit is then 50 kg.
  • Suction plates of different working load limits, shape and design can be added in the modular system.

*wet/dry vacuum cleaner with bypass valve for permanent cooling

MJ-J [52600015]

  • Description: With suction plate 25 kg
  • Dimension Suction plate Ø mm (in): 260 (10)
  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (Ibs): 25 (55)
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 4 (9)

MJ-J-HG [42600162]

  • Description: Two-men-handle for MJ-J
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 5,5 (12)

FFS [48500016]

  • Radio remote control set comprising transmitter and socket to switch the industrial vacuum cleaner on and off. Transmitter can be attached with Velcro. Plug type F, 230 V. Not suitable for QUICKJET and SPEEDY.