Probst GmbH acquires Italian dealer Silveri

23. mayo 2019

Successful succession plan

The first contact between Silveri and Probst GmbH was established at bauma 1989. This laid the foundation for decades of good and successful cooperation. In the three decades as the exclusive sales partner for Italy, Silveri has made the Probst brand popular in the Italian construction machinery industry. Exactly 30 years later - at bauma 2019 - the takeover of Silveri by Probst GmbH was sealed. The owners, Roberto Silveri and his wife Stefania, will continue to work actively in the coming months and accompany the takeover, after which they will go into well-earned retirement.

Probst GmbH is on an expansion course with the goal to grow further internationally. Italy is already the fourth subsidiary of Probst GmbH. Further branches are located in England, France and Poland. Probst GmbH develops and produces machines and tools in the field of gripping and laying technology for paving, structural and civil engineering, as well as for the construction industry.

Silveri is continued under the name Probst Srl. Alberto Brambillia is the new sales manager, also all other employees are taken over. Thus the customers keep their contact persons and can access all company services such as consulting, sales and customer service as usual. Holger Merholz is the new Managing Director of Probst Srl.  

The takeover brings great advantages for both companies: Probst Srl benefits from the international presence, the technical know-how and the technological strength of Probst GmbH, Probst can fall back on a customer network in Italy built up over decades and employees with extensive expertise in Probst products and the Italian construction industry.

Roberto Silveri, Managing Director and owner of Silveri, is delighted with the successful acquisition by Probst: "I was very keen to find a stable succession plan early on for the benefit of our customers, sales partners and my staff. With the direct takeover of Silveri by the manufacturer and developer of all our products - Probst GmbH - the ideal case has come true."

The new managing director of Probst Srl, Holger Merholz, describes his plans for the future: "Silveri has successfully established itself in Italy as a specialist for Probst construction machinery and tools. Therefore we could not miss the chance to take over the company. Thanks to decades of close cooperation, we know both the customers and the employees very well and can thus rely on a functioning system and set even more impulses with our know-how. In addition to our new subsidiary, we want to establish partnerships with the specialised trade distribution in Italy in the future in order to always be close to the customer through a close dealer network".

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