Flexible and powerful hand operated laying device for dense products, such as granite or high quality concrete elements.

Special seal, consisting of 2 components for optimised sealing. Even when the suction plate is sitting on sharp edges for a long time, no permanent marks are left in the seal. Therefore no “foldable rests” are necessary to save guard the seal. Wheel Set VPH-RS can be retrofitted to any VPH device at any time. Thus dense slabs can be installed by just one person.

Further information

  • Powered by rechargeable battery 12 V. Special energy saving automatic allows a full day of laying operation without the need of recharging. Battery charger not included.
  • Handle for 2 men operation, handles are height and width adjustable to accomodate with different laying tasks.
  • Vacuum pump unit with manometer and battery charging indicator.
  • The seal can be exchanged without glue and any tool within 1 minute.
  • Fitted as standard with chain compartment and load securing chain as well as lifting eye for hoist operation.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Scope of supply

VPH-150-GREENLINE: Including suction plate with 150 kg (330 Ibs) load capacity.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Dimensions oval, LxB (mm)Type of Drive electric/Battery (kW)Working Voltage (V)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL -500 mbar (kg)Battery Capacity (Ah)


VPH-RS: Lay slabs even more easily and conveniently on large wheels – quickly and efficiently. Easy attachment to VPH or FXAH-120-DUO-Set.
VPH-RS-AS: Height-adjustable stop with which the tile can be placed tilted forward at different angles.
TypeOrder no.Description Weight Dead Weight (kg)
VPH-RS42710072Wheel Set 7,6
VPH-RS-AS42710154Support for wheel set VPH-RS 1
VPH-SPS-HP-100-26/2142700109Suction Plate 260x210
VPH-SPS-HP-150-44/2542700050Suction Plate 440x250
Battery-12V/6,5 Ah24200007Spare storage battery for VPH 12
VPH-LG-220V/12V24200004Battery charger for VPH 230

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