Vacuum Lifting Device SH-3500-B

Threefold vacuum pump capacity compared with the previous standard SH-2500-UNI-B device, producing a significantly faster buildup of vacuum, also suitable for more porous elements.
Complete automatic drive via integral petrol engine with electric starter.
Optional available: Wheelset SH-3500-RS, support feet SH-3500-AF and remote control SH-3500-FFS.

Further information

  • With integral chain-box and load-securing chain.
  • Suction and release operation via comfortable button-activation on the control console.
  • Built-in operating hours counter.
  • With fork sleeves for lifting forks for transportation and for laying.
  • All available SH-suction plates are compatible with the SH-3500-B. (in connection with SPS-2500 an adapter is required)

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionType of Drive Petrol Engine (kW)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL -600 mbar (kg)
SH-3500-B52400041Basic device, without suction plate3,6177,43500
SH-3500-B-FFS52400047Basic device, without suction plate. With remote control3,61803500


TypeOrder no.Description Weight Dead Weight (kg)
SH-3500-RS42500256Wheelset for SH-3500-B 10,6
SH-3500-AF42400579Support feet for SH-3500-B 12,8
SH-AD42500267Retrofit kit with Rotator Baltrotor 44,1
SH-TRA-3500 Spreader Bar42500260For multiple use of the suction plates single plates adjustable. Suction plate turnable by 90°. Distance between centres of suction plates adjustable from max. 1,450mm to min. 560 mm. Working load limit 3,500 kg 63,3

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