QUICKJET QJ-600-E Vacuum Lifting Device

Lifts even very porous materials. For efficient and safe handling even of very porous products.

The vacuum power is generated by a strong, electrically powered vacuum turbine. Besides highly porous slabs, also products with exposed aggregates and other rough surfaces can be handled safely and quickly.
The compact QUICKJET QJ-600-E can be attached to any carrier by means of load hook, chains, slings etc.
The vacuum lifting device comes with a fixed suction plate QJ-ESP-120-38/38 QJ – max. working load limit 120 kg (265 lbs) – and a electrical power cable with on-off switch at the plug connector.
The electric generator to operate the vacuum turbine is not included, however it is available as an optional accessory. This generator can be placed in frame of the QJ.
To ensure proper function of the electric turbine when powering the QJ with a generator), please be aware of the following facts:
The minimum continuous power production has to be 1.600 W. Exclusively generators with modern Inverter Technology, such as Honda EU 22 i, should be used.
Plug type F, 230 V.

Further information

  • New: Increased insertion height for power generators.
  • New: Release process now via Bowden cable with 2-fold actuation.
  • Quick change fasteners allow for speedy attachment of different suction plates to the fixed plate QJ-ESP-120-38/38 within seconds. The different suction plates available are cover-ing versatile kinds of application, various slab sizes and weights.
  • A foldable handle ensures safe and accurate positioning of the slabs to be laid.
  • The integrated chain guard assures additional safe operation.
  • The QJ can be operated without generator at any time. In this case the QJ has to be connected to the electrical network by using a extension cable.
  • Compact design.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionType of Drive electric/AC (50 Hz) (kW)Electric Connection/AC (50 Hz) Voltage (V)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL -200 mbar (kg)Type of Drive electric/AC (60 Hz) (kW)Electric Connection/AC (60 Hz) Voltage/AC (60 Hz) (V)
QJ-600-E52400045incl. Suction plate 120 kg (without generator)1,523041600
QJ-600-E-11052400049incl. Suction plate 120 kg (without generator)416001,5110


TypeOrder no.Description Dimensions LxW (mm)
QJ-ESP-320-59/5942420102Suction Plate 590x590
QJ-ESP-400-98/4842420104Suction Plate 980x480
QJ-ESP-600-78,5/78,542420106Suction Plate 785x785
QJ-ESP-350-151/2942420108Suction Plate 1510x290
QJ-ESP-170-90/2542420110Suction Plate 900x250
QJ-ESP-250-90/3542420112Suction Plate 900x350
QJ-ESP-500-140/4042420114Suction Plate 1400x400
SE-H Generator Honda EU 22 i52500243230 V 50 Hz petrol engine 2,25
Adapter QJ40110319For Rotator 1,5
Adapter QJ for SPEEDY suction plates42420118Adapter for mounting SPEEDY suction plates to QUICKJET QJ 6,1

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