Multiple Suction Plates MSP

A modular design system, working with mainly standardised elements.

We can therefore produce the appropriate suction plates fast and cost efficient according to customers needs.

MSP-X-V… (movable): multiple suction plate with distance control. If a certain distance between stones is needed, you can fix the distance of the suction pad with a lever at a set distance, so the stones will always have the correct spacing.
MSP-X-S... (rigid): Multiple suction plate with adjustable suction plate spacing. Subsequent fixation via screws.

Further information

  • Quickly replaceable sealing rings with low-wear sponge rubber.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Dimensions oval, LxB (mm)Number of Suction Plates (Pcs.)Working Load Limit/WLL -420 mbar (kg)Dimensions LxW (mm)
MSP-5-V-150-5 x SPS-24/16-a-24421010975150240x160
MSP-7-V-150-7 x SPS-17/16-a-16421010967150170x160
MSP-7-V-150-7 x SPS-16/14a-16421010787150160x140

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