Manhole and Cone Chain Clamp SRG

For transporting manhole rings and cones.

SRG-1,5, SRG-3 and SRG-3-L suitable for manhole rings as per DIN 4034 part 2.
With Lifting Strap: SRG-UNI-1,5, SRG-UNI-3.
With High-tensile Lifting Chain: SRG-UNI-1,5-K, SRG-UNI-3-K, SRG-1,5, SRG-3, SRG-3-L.

Further information

  • Manhole and Cone Chain Clamp SRG-UNI: especially easy handling and light-weight. Automatically adjustable clamping range of the claws to the thickness of the pipe walls.

Technical details

SRG-UNI-1,5: for manhole rings as per DIN 4034, part 2 and cones.
SRG-UNI-3: for manhole rings as per DIN 4034, part 1 + 2 and cones.
TypeOrder no.Number of Claws (Pcs.)Diameter Nominal Diameter (mm)Gripping Range (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)

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