LEVELKING LK Screeding Attachment

As against conventional screeding blades the LEVELKING works with integrated smoothening board. With this function it is possible to screed not only the subbase, rather the top bedding for paver laying. The LEVELKING screed fully automatic controlled, accurate, fast and efficient and is a real alternative to our wellknown POWERPLAN PP.

Due to the fully automatic height adjustment the screeding is much faster than compared with regular rail-guided systems. The LEVELKING is attachable to wheel loaders, skid-steer- and telescopic loaders. The special advantage is the already integrated floating position. There is no need for this function for the carrier machine.
Applications: construction for streets, alleys and paver laying. Screeding of hall floors, sports- and industrial areas.
Complete control system, incl. 2 Laser Sensors and 1 Three-Axle Slope Sensor optionally available. Within 2 minutes the control elements can be connected in the cabin into the cigarette lighter. All components (optional: laser/cross slope/ultrasonic) can be combined depending on the situation of the site.

Further information

  • Hydraulic adjustment of the side wings via joystick.
  • High precision control of all functions by proportional valves.
  • The shovel form can also be used to carry the material forward.
  • Special advantage: no additional loader needed!
  • The attachment is equipped with a universal flange plate for the connection. It fits to all common carriage plate sizes and profiles.
  • Optionally available: Hydraulic folding shovel with holding capacity of approx. 0.6 m³ for even better material take-up and material distribution.

Scope of supply

LK-2200: Basic version with machine Control and control box inc. all cables, 2 hydraulic hoses.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionWorking Voltage (V)Hydraulic Connection Volumetric Flow (l/min)Hydraulic Connection Backflow Pressure, max (bar)Working Pressure (bar)Width (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Volume Shovel (m³)
LK-LE41300247Laser receiver for LK-2200
LK-NS413002563-axis slope sensor for LK-2200


LK-MUS-1300: This sensor can be attached to the left or right side. The sensor fully-automatically controls the height as well as the relevant hydraulic pivoting side wings. Thus keeping the ultrasonic sensor in correct reference position (string or edge) and consequently compensates driving inaccuracies.
LK-SH2: in combination with the tri-sonic-sensor left and right side heights can be controlled.
LK-S: 2 sensors for mounting on the two levelling cylinders. This makes it possible to move the levelling screed to the centre position at the push of a button. Advantage: no manual adjustment of the screed via joystick.
TypeOrder no.Description Weight Dead Weight (kg)
LK-MUS-1300413001211 Tri-Sonic Sensor incl. bracket, hence automatic Side-Shift-Function of the side wings. Please note: only one (1) Tri-Sonic Sensor can be used with the LEVELKING LK 2,5
LK-KS41300188Hydraulic folding shovel for LK-2200 50
LK-SH2413001621 standard ultrasonic sensor w/o side-shift function, incl. holder 11,4
LK-S41300250Sensor system for automatic centre position of the screed
LXS24290024Laser Set, consisting of: Leica Rugby CLI/CLX 900 (rotating biaxial horizontal laser), with charger, Li-ion battery, hardcase, binoculars, handheld receiver with integrated remote control and clamp holder 5,0
TL-LXS71150003Telescopic Leveling Post 3,1
ST-LXS71150002Tripod for Laser transmitter 40,9


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