LEVELFIX LF Manual Screeding System

The universal manual screeding system – move a large amount of material easily in a short time, on large wheels.

The LF system is an efficient tool for landscape contractors who are looking for a tool for spreading and also screeding bedding material for paved areas quickly, flexibly and precisely, while maintaining ergonomically sound posture.
Suitable for gardener for preparation of planting beds, lawn areas and similar. Also suitable for levelling wood chip or gravel paths.
Level surfaces can be created in a very short space of time and the process, which uses plastic wheels with flat rubber tread, which leave hardly any traces in the surface.

Further information

  • On both sides height adjustable wheels, with height indicator for adjusting the surface level to the kerb for instance. Adjustment range -40 / +170 mm (-1½ / +6¾ inch).
  • Adjustable roof profile integrated as standard: LF-75/125: 7%, LF-125/215: 4%, LF-170/310: 2.5 %.
  • Scraper sheets made from non-rusting stainless steel.
  • Cutter with sharp edge on the lower scraper edges allows materials to be excoriated even where there is compacted sand.
  • Lasting surface protection on all other components thanks to galvanic zinc plating.
  • Handle adjustable for optimum ergonomics.
  • Spirit level bubble fitted on the top right edge of the scraper sheet.
  • Second handle LF-HG for wide working width for 2 people operation for LF-170/310 available as an option.

Scope of supply

LF-75/125: 1 pair of stainless steel scraper sheets, 1 x central rolling unit, 1 x handle with holder, 2 x height-adjustable external roller sets.
LF-125/215: See LF-75/125, but 2 x roller units.
LF-170/310: See LF-75/125, but 2 x roller units.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Working Width (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)


TypeOrder no.Description Weight Dead Weight (kg)
LF-HG41000317Complete handle incl. bracket for LF-170/310 3

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