Installation Machine VM-301-PAVERMAX

Universally suitable for laying all paving stone installation units available on the market.

With Continuous hydraulic rotator.
A 3-cylinder-Kubota-Diesel-engine 18.5 KW/ 25 hp means high performance reserves.
Complies with EU emission regulations level V and TIER IV final (USA), no restriction in environmental zones, as engine power < 19 kW.
The corresponding attachment set is required for attachment of the respective hydraulically powered vacuum device: (vacuum attachment not included)
VM-301-KJ-PAVERMAX: With complete cabin made of safety glass, heating and windscreen wipers. With electronic joystick with arm support instead of mechanical cross control lever to control main/side gripping width and rotator. With vacuum function.

Further information

  • Sensitive hydrostatic front wheel drive.
  • Extra wide types and the differing track widths of the front and rear axle ensure a low degree of stress on the uncompacted pavers as well as a smooth drive.
  • Wide diameter tyres and high ground clearance, therefore suitable also in rough terrain.
  • Wide pivoting range of approximately 1,600 mm from a standing position is achieved solely by a steering movement – and without shifting of the pavement.
  • Double articulated steering enables manoeuverability in tight areas. All outer edges are adapted to the steering geometry which means if there are barriers there are no protruding vehicle parts.
  • High lifting height enables the handling of double stacked packs up to a height of 1,600 mm, thus saving a considerable amount of driving-time.
  • Narrow swing means that, even at a high lifting height, the positional stability of the machine is not affected. This, combined with a low overall height, is important when operating in underground car parks.
  • High degree of stability, even in tight turns, is ensured by the low centre of gravity and the advantageous weight distribution achieved by a new arrangement of the chassis, beam and hydraulic unit system.
  • Unlimited all-round-view for the driver, important when travelling backwards.
  • Ergonomical positioning of the seat, steering wheel, operating lever and pedals.
  • An exceptional driver’s seat ensures great comfort for an 8-hour working day.
  • Wide-diameter types and elastic clamp suspension give a smooth driving effect.
  • Large transparent fuel tank with 20 l capacity.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionType of Drive Diesel Engine (kW)Weight Paver Layer (kg)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Turning Radius Total (mm)Driving Speed (km/h)Height Lifting Height (mm)Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)
VM-301-PAVERMAX51500020Basic device installation machine without laying clamp HVZ, incl. hydraulic rotator18,5320/38010802450161600600
VM-301-KJ-PAVERMAX51500023Like VM-301-PAVERMAX, but additionally equipped w/complete cabin and electronic joystick.18,5380/44012002450161600650


Diesel particle filter DPF: In stainless steel/aluminium casing with quick-release fastener for easy changing of the filter cartridge. Disposable filter cartridge (disposal: overground landfill, landfill class II, tied up in a plastic bag), service life > 400 operating hours depending on maintenance condition of the motor. Separation rate > 97% of all particles. Authorisation/certificates: Vert certificate: check no. B175/12.05, regulations according to TRGS 554 are fulfilled. Improvement of the exhaust gas sound insulation as the particle filter acts as an additional silencer. The filter casing is fitted with a pressure switch + electronic evaluation system. Delivery contents: filter casing with integrated change filter, pressure switch, electronic evaluation system, installed ready for use with supporting frame and perforated plate cover. We recommend ordering an additional replacement filter cartridge.
TypeOrder no.Description
Radio attachment kit41500939for VM-301-K
LED-Light package VM-301415009102 x LED headlamps, 1 x LED rear light
LED-Light package VM-301-K415009112 x LED headlamps, 1 x LED rear light
LED-Turning light41500913incl. fold-out foot
Reversing alarm41500343-003for VM-301/203 2
Exterior mirror41500358Retrofit kit 13
Mounting bracket41500739For light package and/or exterior rear-view mirrors (is only required once) 1,6
Extra weight41500357To increase the working load limit to 380 kg 35,9
Diesel particle filter DPF41500784Retrofit kit for VM-301-K and VM-301 51,2
Filter Cartridge26900034for Diesel particle filter DPF
Windscreen washer41500788With adjustable spray nozzles on the windscreen wiper arm. Without adjustable wiping interval. Retrofit kit for VM-301-K/VM-301-GL 13,7
PJ-1650-H/Retrofit kit41500755
Adapter QJ40110319for Rotator Bini/Baltrotor 1,5
SH-1000-MINI-H/Retrofit kit41500756

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