Ergonomic Vacuum Control Unit VS-ERGO-SPS-50-29/22

The construction materials are sucked in with the VS-ERGO-SPS-50-29/22, lifted by a wire rope hoist, and then transported to the place to be laid and set down. The detachment is secured with a 2-fold actuation to prevent unintentional detachment. In combination with a carrier device, such as the MULTIMOBIL MM, it is a very flexible vacuum lifting device. Thanks to the ergonomic operating unit, the operator can work in a standing position, which is easy on the operators back.

Technical details

Type Order no. Working Load Limit/WLL -200 mbar (kg) Weight Dead Weight (kg) Dimensions LxW (mm)
VS-ERGO-SPS-50-29/22 43500025 50 15 290x220

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