Cable Channel Clamp KKV-200

For cable channels II-IF, III-IF, IIIa-IF, IV-IF.

Further information

  • Fully mechanical grip which means it can be used at any carrier.
  • Grips from the inside, so that it is extremely suitable for small spaces.
  • Exchangeable steel grippers as gripping elements.
  • Lifting eye for crane hook.
  • Automatic release for the fully automatic switch over from “full” to “empty”.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.
  • Basic unit without steel grippers.
  • Other adapter sets on request.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Weight Dead Weight (kg)Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)


KKV-A-470/495: Exchangeable adapter sets as gripping elements. Steel brackets for extra large cable channels.
TypeOrder no.Description Gripping Range (mm)
KKV-A-185/21043101527Steel brackets 185-210
KKV-A-205/23043101538Steel brackets 205-230
KKV-A-215/23543100828Steel brackets 215-235
KKV-A-220/24543101575Steel brackets 220-245
KKV-A-255/28043100848Steel brackets 255-280
KKV-A-290/31543100634Steel brackets 290-315
KKV-A-330/35543100652Steel brackets 330-355
KKV-A-355/38043101296Steel brackets 355-380
KKV-A-365/39043100904Steel brackets 365-390
KKV-A-380/40543101297Steel brackets 380-405
KKV-A-390/41543100696Steel brackets 390-415
KKV-A-400/42543100757Steel brackets 400-425
KKV-A-410/43543100653Steel brackets 410-435
KKV-A-440/46543100749Steel brackets 440-465
KKV-A-470/49543100625Steel brackets 470-495
KKV-A-490/51543101033Steel brackets 490-515
KKV-A-520/54543100646Steel brackets 520-545
KKV-A-540/56543100654Steel brackets 540-565
KKV-A-575/60043100633Steel brackets 575-600
KKV-A-590/61543101274Steel brackets 590-615
KKV-A-610/63543101381Steel brackets 610-635
KKV-A-625/65043101247Steel brackets 625-635
KKV-A-660/68543100655Steel brackets 660-685
KKV-A-750/77543100661Steel brackets 750-775


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