Block Extractor Hammer SZH

The SZH SZH block extractor hammer can be used to remove stones that have already been laid without damaging neighbouring stones.

Particularly with very high-quality paving blocks and slabs, it can happen after vibration that individual blocks with minor damage have to be replaced.
If conventional block extractors are used, with blades that grip into the joint, damage to the neighbouring blocks can occur.
a. The defective block is drilled centrally with the battery-powered hammer drill.
The concrete screw is screwed in with the battery screwdriver until the head still protrudes by approx. 10 – 15 mm (¼ – ½ inch).
b. The SZH grips under the screw head.
c. The impact weight is pulled upwards with two hands (see arrow in diagram).
After a few strokes, the defective block can be removed.

Further information

  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Scope of supply

SZH: Includes 5 concrete screws with hexagonal head and compressed washer, 6 x 80/SW 13.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.DescriptionWeight Dead Weight (kg)
SZH51800094Block Extractor Hammer8


TypeOrder no.Description
Set of concrete screws418002396 x 80/SW 13 (100 pieces)


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