Block Cutters AL-EASY

The required height of the stones can be set easily and quickly using a smoothly-operating handle.
Improved technology resulting in effort saving of up to 20% when cutting blocks.
Blade has 4 cutting edges.
Tilting, spring-mounted supporting table allows clean undercut for precise laying without uneven large gaps.
Size indicator in centimetre and inches as well as 45-degree angle on both support plates speed up the work enormously!
Designs also suitable for concrete kerbstones or limestones up to height 300 mm.

Further information

  • Cut blocks with significantly reduced effort.
  • Clean cuts with precisely guided, square, reversible blade.
  • Suitable for cutting concrete paving.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.

Technical details

TypeOrder no.Width Cutting Width (mm)Weight Dead Weight (kg)Height Stone/Element (mm)

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